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Onboard Nautical Events – The Motor Yacht Papagallo II Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Papagallo II located?
At the north end of the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. There is an open dock area between two restaurants – The Great American Fish Company and The Harbor Hut. The vessel gangway is from the parking lot between the two restaurants and is easily sighted.

Where is the best place to park?
There is readily available, free parking in front of the dock area.

Can you accommodate limousine arrival?
Your limousine can pull directly up to the gangway for easy access to the vessel.

When can we board?
Fifteen minutes prior to your event start time. The Papagallo will remain dockside for the first fifteen minutes of your booking to ensure all guests have arrived. Please note that your total event time will not be extended to offset late arrivals beyond this 15 minute grace period.

What is the Dress Attire aboard ship?
Attire is at your discretion, based on the event booked. However, footwear is restricted. No high heels are allowed – only flats or a wide low heel. This is for the stability of our guests and to preserve the floor and deck finishes. We appreciate your adherence to this regulation.

Are there life preservers onboard?
The Papagallo II is Coast Guard Certified and carries a Certificate of Inspection (COI) for 60 passengers. She carries life preservers and all required life saving equipment, including child life vests. Their access and use will be reviewed with guests before leaving the dock.

Is there a phone on board the vessel for receiving calls?
There is not a “land” line on the vessel for guests’ use. Most cellular services are available at the dock, and on the water, as the vessel is within the harbor area during your cruise.

Can we meet the Captain and visit the bridge?
Yes. Guests are welcome to come and meet the Captain and the Executive Chef.

Is the Harbor Cruise included in the per person price?
Yes. Standard Event time, including the cruise, is three hours. If you wish to have the event time and/or cruising time extended, the cost will be factored into your booking price. Generally, time extensions are in half hour increments.

What meal Service is available during the Harbor Cruise?
ONE offers substantial hors d’oeuvres for parties of 20 to 45+ in the range of $65 to $85 per person, depending on food choices and numbers of people. This price is inclusive of Tax, Gratuity, dock fees and soft beverages. We can accommodate parties of 16 to 24 for formal seated dining with menus starting at $130.00 per person, again, this is inclusive of Tax, Gratuity and dock fees. If you are interested in a more intimate dinner group of fewer than 16, we will be happy to quote your party on an individual basis.

Is alcohol service available during the event?
Yes, ONE has a full license for beer, wine and spirits for adults 21 and over. We can offer these services as beer and wine only or as a full standard bar with spirits. Alcohol beverages may be included in your event cost as a hosted bar or, if you prefer, a no-host bar (guests may purchase their beverages individually). There is a flat fee charge of $100.00 for bar set-up with bartender. You are welcome to bring selections of wine from your own cellers. A corkage fee will be applied.

What happens if it rains or there is fog?
The Papagallo II is fully enclosed and will therefore cruise within the harbor during rainy or foggy weather. In the case of severe weather conditions or upon the direction of the US Coast Guard, we will remain dockside. If you have booked a tour or event which leaves the harbor, the choice to leave is strictly at the discretion of the Papagallo’s Captain and US Coast Guard.

How do you book an event?
Events are booked (date reserved) with a 25% deposit. Final food choices are due seven calendar days in advance. Final headcount for the event is due 72 hours prior to the event. (This headcount commitment is the minimum billing count for your event.) Balance of payment is due 48 hours prior to the event.

What if we have to cancel?
Deposits are fully refundable, less a $25.00 processing fee, for written cancellations received up to 30 days prior to the event. Fifty percent of your deposit is refundable for written cancellations received up to 14 calendar days prior to the event date. Cancellations received after that point in time are non-refundable. Please note that criteria for deposit refunds on major holiday dates may vary. Your event proposal will spell out the specifics.

How can payment be made?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and personal or business checks. Out of area checks must clear prior to the event date. Hosted bar costs will be paid at event completion by credit card, check or cash.

What about entertainment?
The vessel has a sound system available within all public areas. If you have a specific choice for the type of music you wish to enjoy, please bring your CD’s and we will stage them for you. Live entertainment can be accommodated on board. We can make recommendations to you from a list of previewed vendors or you can make your own contacts and arrangements.

Can we bring a Photographer on board?
Yes. Again, we can make recommendations to you or you can make your own arrangements. We can also offer meal service to event professionals needed on board during the event (photographer, musicians). The cost is normally reduced from the per person cost for you and your guests. Please discuss your needs with our event specialist when booking the event.

Is Smoking allowed?
Smoking is allowed on outside decks only.

Can we bring our own decorations?
Non invasive decorations, which do not require being attached to interior spaces, can be considered. Please note that early boarding, for purposes of decoration, will need to be arranged prior to your event date. Decorations brought on board by guests are their responsibility to remove and dispose.

Are there vegetarian options available?
Yes. We have extensive Vegetarian menus which can be quoted to you during menu development and selection.

Are there any age restrictions?
No. However, guests under 18 require adult supervision.

Do you offer discounts for children?
Children 4 and under are complimentary. Children 5 to 12 are discounted by 40%. We also have meal offerings which are tailored for young palates.

Are you handicap accessible?
Please call our business office for special arrangements.

Contact us at 805-771-9916

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