Onboard Nautical Events

Morro Bay Dinner Cruises Aboard The Luxury Yacht Papagallo II!

Business Offsite and Teambuilding

Consider this unique venue for that important corporate offsite or management/staff team building. ONE can offer a creative experience unattainable in an enclosed, sterile conference room with mediocre food to sustain you.

An effective team building exercise, used by consultants, is to have a business team stand in a circle with a ball and ask them to find the quickest way to pass the ball to all members in the circle. It usually takes a few tosses before someone figures out that they just need to stand closely together and everyone touch the ball at the same time. Whether dockside or moored within the water areas of Morro Bay harbor, the mind and body just down shift and become more attuned. Being in a remarkable environment helps bring the circle together. Join us on Papagallo.

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